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From meeting different, interesting people and learning new things every day to being part of both a multi-national and also the local national community. Furthermore, the Football Refugee Day - part of the World Refugee Day - saw several partners mobilising local refugee and asylum-seeking communities to participate in tournaments. Masonry was a skill he could pursue and the training in Italy a revelation.

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. Meanwhile, Portuguese volunteers in Cape Verde are learning a great deal about the environment and wildlife protection, while also developing their entrepreneurship skills. Crucially, children in both Benin and Cape Verde are taking part in various leisure activities, shielding them from drug and alcohol dependency. He demonstrated this by taking part in a play showcased to school and university students about his experience as a refugee. A growing global network of partners provides unique opportunities for both internships and employment. Staff have also benefitted from specialised training and open dialogue with experts in the field of non-formal education in an international setting. CARMA will use the findings from the pilot phase of the project to provide recommendations at the national level for how to best combat early school leaving with non-formal education. In the future, he intends to focus on the field of security and particularly conflict-resolution. Through an intercultural approach, the course provides theoretical skills in migration studies combined with field work in Europe and Africa. He is confident that his international experience will play in his favour. He even joined a local football team, thus meeting locals outside the university: ‘It’s an eye-opener. At his company, Guillaume often hosts trainee masons; he encourages these individuals to explore the same techniques that he learned in Italy. For example, staff working at a health clinic in Benin are now providing better quality patient care, while local schoolteachers in Cape Verde have mastered non-formal education approaches like team building and brainstorming. ‘This opened my eyes to the possibility of studying, living and working abroad. The theme of the project was Inclusive Education; it aimed to educate staff and pupils, and develop an increased awareness of cultural diversity in the classroom to ensure equal opportunities for all. She became aware of new ways to engage with and contribute to society, and felt she was really making a difference. The experience also broadened Carina's understanding of what it means to be European – 'Europe' transformed from being a concept into a tangible reality. Kiired laenud. Boris was able to secure a loan from Microbank to pursue his studies, backed by an EU guarantee under the Erasmus+ programme.So far, Boris' experience has been particularly rewarding: ‘The programme is very intense and I really feel I’m learning a lot. Different languages are now being spoken freely across the school, adding a truly international element. During her EVS mobility, Carina worked with young people with disabilities. The partners shared examples of good practice by holding workshops on the social inclusion of migrants in each of the seven countries.

Most graduates have found jobs in international organisations such as the Red Cross or with migration-related NGOs, while others have gone into research and education. Koht kus saab ilma tuvastamatta laenu. Some have gone on to high schools where they could continue working on similar projects, while others are active members in youth organisations. For Mohammed the benefits of learning a new language are clear: his French skills have enabled him to meet new people, join a volleyball team and find employment. For example, migrant football teams were empowered by the experience, with their skills improving. He learned to fend for himself, opened up to others and regained self-confidence. Mohammed is now taking an active role in helping other refugees from Afghanistan access the same opportunities and develop the same skills as him. But I’ve also had the chance to meet lots of international students and share experiences. Kiirlaen tuvastamiseta. I guess you could say I’m making full use of my EU citizenship.’During his undergraduate studies Blair spent a year in the Netherlands on an Erasmus exchange. The experience has inspired students to become involved in similar projects, both within and outside school.

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. SPIN has been vital in raising awareness and provoking debate of issues which often go overlooked. The skills and experience that Guillaume gained as a team leader in Florence have enabled him to set up his own company in Belgium, where he is responsible for his own workers. Romanian volunteers working in Benin are developing their skills as youth workers, social workers and midwives. The OLS has opened many doors for Mohammed, not only in terms of developing his language skills, but also his self-confidence and interpersonal skills. The project also published various studies on the role that sport plays in social inclusion. Concepts such as 'team teaching' are now used by Kieran and his colleagues in Ireland, and their pupils are really benefiting from more diverse teaching styles and cooperative learning activities. A loan under the newly established Erasmus+ Master Loan Scheme allowed Blair to focus his energy on his studies without having to stress about the financial side.Blair has found living abroad a particularly enriching experience.

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. The opportunities offered to Carina by the EVS programme have also helped her develop many key skills; she is more self-confident, better able to face challenges, and has more intercultural awareness. Take a loan Estonia. ‘Without this loan, I would have simply been unable to start my Master studies in nuclear energy’, he explains.Boris developed an interest in nuclear energy from a young age, growing up in Kozloduy, home to Bulgaria’s only nuclear power plant. For students, EMMIR offers a diverse teaching and learning environment which introduces innovative contributions to the field. Paul’s Primary School undertook a year-long Erasmus+ project which fostered mobility amongst school pupils. Most of these students have vastly improved both their language and social skills due to their continual interaction with different nationalities and cultures. He was a shy and reserved teenager who never felt like he fit in, and had left the traditional school pathway. Taking part in these projects has permitted Hubert to develop a network of contacts through which innovative exchanges take place and new ideas and techniques are shared. While Boris managed to secure a scholarship to cover his tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses were proving particularly costly. It made me more internationally-minded’, he notes. One graduate, for example, currently provides intercultural training for nurses. With pilot schemes already launched in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, positive results already indicate changes in the attitudes of pupils, with many actively looking forward to their next non-formal lessons. Paul's Primary school now offers a more inclusive learning environment, and staff and pupils have recently received a national award for their participation in the campaign 'Show Racism the Red Card'. He now has many Belgian friends and is learning a lot about Belgian culture. Leanude refinantseerimine. Similarly, locals in Cape Verde and Benin have gained valuable insight into how their counterparts in Romania and Portugal plan, prepare, and run youth and health projects